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Metal materials using by custom lapel pin


Copper, brass: mainly used to produce enamel pins, emboss pins, cloisonne pins, and other lapel pin types of custom lapel pins, hard enamel pins and cloisonne pins must to use copper. Copper is to the best metal material for classic choice. Copper, brass is suitable for the production of clear metal lines of the custom pins and sense of raised pins, relief pins etc. The most useful materials for custom lapel pins is brass.


Bronze: mainly used for photo etched and printed pins


Iron: mainly used for the production of enamel pins and photo etched , iron is relatively cheap cost of the lapel pin materials


Stainless steel: The same as the bronze, mainly used for printed pin, photo dome pins , the price is cheaper than bronze printed pins


Zinc Alloy: mainly used to produce custom coins, custom medals, die cast pins and other products. zinc alloy is the best metal materials for die cast pins or cast coins. zinc alloy is also good choice for a larger quantity of custom lapel pins.



The useful metal material for dog tag or hiking staff medallion, more reading How to choose medallions for your hiking staff


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