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Soft enamel lapel pins


soft enamel pins

Soft enamel is one of the most popular lapel pins, the price is lower than Cloisonne or imitation enamel. The enamel colors is rich(based on Pantone Colors(PMS) that sheds luster on brass, copper, iron, aluminum, zinc alloy by either die stamping, die cast or photo etched.

The metal photograph and lines is slight raised, and the recessed area is filled in enamel colors by hand, so the soft enamel pins also named embossed enamel pins in lapel pin industry.  

Sometiems the soft enamel will have an epoxy coating to pretect the surface.


Soft enamel lapel pins is one of our most popular choices for custom lapel pins, it offers a great looking product for a price slightly less than the cloisonne lapel pin process or hard enamel. They are rugged, versatile, and affordable.


Metal materials for soft enamel pins are copper, brass, iron for die struck or stamped with soft enamel and zinc alloy for die cast soft enamel lapel pins. Iron photo etched with soft enamel pins is the cheapest enamel pins in lapel pin manufacturer.


Also have a look at embossed pins and embossed enamel pins.


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Brass/Copper stamped with soft enamel

colors coins

Similar in appearance to original cloisonne pins or imitation enamel lapel pins in that they are also by imprinting your pin design into a base pin metal materials. But soft enamel and imitation enamel lapel pins use more rich enamel colors than cloisonne pins, and soft enamel is cheaper than imitation enamel pins. Cloisonne lapel pins only can use copper and die struck pin process. soft enamel pins can made by die cast using zinc alloy. Zinc alloy is the best choices for a larger quantity lapel pins or custom coins. Most of enamel custom coins or colors coins are made in die cast using zinc alloy. Many lapel pin manufacturers recommend this style lapel pins as the default soft enamel lapel pins.

Iron stamped with soft enamel

iron stamped soft enamel 01iron enamel pins

Siimilar in production to the brass, copper soft enamel pins except that the metal material is using iron instead of copper. Pantone Colors(PMS) can also used in this type of custom lapel pins. It is one of the lowest costs pins of all the different types of pins available in lapel pin manufacturer. The surface of an iron pin can be covered with epoxy to protect the colors.

Most of baseball trading pins are made in iron stamped with soft enamel. It's well known than the baseball season is come fast, it need baseball trading pins can be produced and delivered in a very short time. The iron stamped enamel pins is the good choice for RUSH baseball trading pins. ALL RUSH order without any extra charge!

Photo etched with soft enamel

Made from a thinner metal, 0.8mm, plate that is suitable for etching, these pins offer the advantages of enamel colors with the affordability many budgets require.


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