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Die struck lapel pins


Metal materials, brass, copper, iron, zinc alloy and bronze is stamped to form the desired artwork on its surface. The plating finish gives to the lapel pins the desired finish, i.e. silver, gold. This lapel pins can be plated in gold and silver two-tone finish (raised area polished and recessed sandblasted) but a number of different plating can be used.


The cheapest die struck lapel pins is stamped with cheaper metal iron. Iron stamped lapel pins has a good look after plated finish but a cheaper price than brass or copper stamped lapel pins.


Die struck lapel pins have a sophisticated and elegant look. Each custom lapel pins is diestruck from solid metal. The finish can be antique, sandblast or matte.


If to fill the enamel colors in the recessed area of lapel pins, then the die struck lapel pins becomes one soft enamel pins. soft enamel pins also named colors pins for it's using enamel colors.


Die cast lapel pins use zinc alloy. Die cast is the better process for a lager quantity custom pins or custom coin and it has a better look for a solid or 3D lapel pins.

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