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Photo etched pins, good choice for a economical enamel pins


Photo etched lapel pins made from a thinner metal, brass or iron, bronze, plate that is suitable for photo etching, these photo lapel pins offer the advantages of enamel color with the affordability many budgets require than other enamel pins. As one of professional lapel pin manufacturers, we recommend this style custom lapel pins as one economical enamel lapel pins with a better look. Etched soft enamel pins use a thinner metal (0.8mm) and die-struck. In defalult etched pins is filled with a thin epoxy, it looks and touched smooth.


Etched pins have a similar look as soft enamel pins, but a cheaper price among enamel pins . To use iron as the metal material will get the cheapest lapel pins for photo etched process. It's best choice for a larger quantities custom pins with a good look as enamel pins.


The regular thickness for photo etched pins is 0.8mm and usually to epoxy dome on the surface to protect the enamel colors.


Photo etched pins are made in a acid surrounding. The pin artwork negative is transferred onto the metal plate in an acid-reaction process. All enamel colors are filled in by hand and one color at a time. Lapel pins will be fired in an oven after all the enamel colors is filled. A resin epoxy can also be applied on the pin to protect the lapel pin.


Our lapel pin manufacturer have been producing photo etched lapel pins since 1993. We can supply photo etched pins at factory direct price. Custom your etched pins with professional lapel pin company will save your times and cost down. High quality and cheap price etched lapel pins custom made by lapel pin factory in China.

No extra free for all RUSH order and artwork.


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