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Imitation enamel lapel pins


Also called synthetic enamel lapel pins, eploa, semi-cloisonne lapel pins or hard enamel. The lapel pin process is similar to hard enamel lapel pins except that a special enamel is utilized to provide enamel colors instead of the cloisonne. Imitation enamel colors can be matched to Pantone Colors(PMS) in imitation enamel pins.
Like cloisonne pins, a die mold are also used to stamp out metal pieces and shape lapel pins. Zinc alloy use die cast to form the shape.

Imitation enamel replaced the cloisonne pins because of similarity to hard enamel material, lower cost, faster delivery time and much more colors than cloisonne enamel.


We are lapel pin manufacturer in China, we can supply imitation enamel lapel pins at factory price. We have been producing custom lapel pins since 1993.


Epola is one of the usual popular lapel pins in our factory. Many clients want to make their logo to one imitation enamel pins, but in many times we'd have to modify the logo to fit the lapel pin production. As one of professional lapel pin manufacturers. we also know how to build the artwork suitable to your thinking


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imitation enamel eploa


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