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F.A.Q for lapel pins

-- Your best help for lapel pins at factory direct price.

Q. At least 20 days ahead of planning your lapel pins project

A. We provide rush service but It also need time to finish and confirm the artwork and other details.

Q. How to order lapel pins from China lapel pin factory

A. Please view: "Custom lapel pin is only simple steps"

Q. I want to get a quote for my lapel pin, what provide the necessary information

A. Our price is quite competitive, we provide the best custom lapel pin and best customer services, cooperate with professional lapel pin manufacturer, to let you not only cost down but a high quality lapel pin: If you could , you can send us the quantity pin size, thickness, material, draft plans or photographs via e-mail.

Q. What type of lapel pin is more suitable. I would like to know that lapel pin in these different process. (I know nothing about the pin process)

A. Please view: How to select, customize the most appropriate custom lapel pin and Guide for pin process
medalantique copper and 3D effectkeychains../enamel keyrings

Q. What's the producing time and delivery time.

A. 7-15days for regular lapel pins. RUSH order DON'T need any extra charge. 3days for 1,000pcs

Q. I know nothing about custom lapel pin or custom pin.

A. No problem!!! Just Please contact us via Email: sales@hilapelpins.com or Tel: +86 512 57334868

Q. Why do I to choose your lapel pin manufacturer, why not other manufacturers. It's well known that there are so many lapel in factories in China.

A. This issue is very good! We focus on the future, the past is history and intentions to carry out every thing. Doing things that life is so.


Q. How to make lapel pins faster.


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