HiLP Huain Lapel Pins

Everything can be printed on your lapel pin except Money!


Fastest and cheapest pin


3-4days for 1000pcs good choice for rush order


printed lapel pin

Printed pins


Silk screen lapel pins

Offset printed pins

Photo dome: the surface likes a dome after epoxy resion

hard enamel pins with silk screen


silk printed pinssilkscreen printed pinsprinted lapel pinsprinted pins


Pin size: 0.8mm thickness, the color will have a epoxy coating finish to protect the colors.

Materials: Stainless steel, Brass, Aluminium

Dog tag, Cufflinks, diestruck with printing, keychains, printed baseball trading pins (best for rush order)

Printed pins is a very good choice for any lapel pins which needed in a short time.


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