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Tips for Choose medallions for hiking staff and hiking stick


Many associations or clubs want to make their own medallions for their hiking staff or hiking sticks.
And many hikers use the medallions to memento of a new region or new trail explored.


Which one do you like the hiking medallion? There are many choices for you.


The metal of the hiking staff medallion can be made to following

3)black nickel or black wash metal
4)antiqued gold or antique sivler
5)Two-tone plating, i.e, gold with silver


If you choice the hiking staff medallion for the walking stick,
I think the metal color should be similarity as the walking stick.

There have many colorful hiking medallions for you to choice in tourist attraction and national park.
Each hiking staff medallion should be very easy to curved by your hand, if didn't, that's meaning not good medallion, then you didn't buy it. It's also a bad item if the paints is easy break away from the metal.


The quantity of the nails should be more than the holes on the
hiking staff medallion. If the holes quantity are three,the nails
should be four. For the nails is so small to lost and difficult
to find it.


Have a great trip with more and more hiking staff medallions!


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