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All lapel pins are customized by hand in China. So the custom pins is also a wonderful and handcraft. Custom pins begins from pin design and make die mold, then end with plating finish and packaging. It's a very wonderful customized pin process from metal to handcraft.



There are kinds of custom process for a custom pin. But which process is the best or suitable? This depends on the artwork or design. The most usually process are brass stamped with soft enamel and imitation enamel. The normal size is 3/4" - 2" and 1.75" (1-3/4 inch) for baseball trading pins. Most of shapes can be custom made. The die cut mold is made to form the shape.


Metal is used as the regular materials. Copper, brass, bronze, iron, zinc alloy(just for die casting or custom coins). In other way, custom l pins is also named as metal pins. Copper is usually used for cloisonne pin, and it's also the only metal for cloisonne, the classic custom pins. Bronze and stainless steel is used for printed pins. Iron is the cheaper metal for custom pins. Zinc alloy is the better for die casting custom coins or custom pins with a larger quantity and zinc alloy is the good material for solid custom pins (3D). We use brass as the default material for enamel pins and embossed pins.


cloisonne pin

In most of cases, colorful custom pins is more welcomed by public. They using enamel colors. so colors pins also named as enamel pins


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  3. Custom design software, CorelDraw, PhotoShop, Illustrator, how to design lapel pins proof or artwork.

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