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Iron stamped lapel pins with soft enamel


Iron Stamped lapel pins with Soft Enamel is very similar in production to the soft enamel lapel pins except that the material is using iron instead of copper for custom lapel pins. Pantone Colors(PMS) are used in this type of lapel pins. It is one of the lowest costs of all the different types of pins available today. The surface of an iron pin may be covered with epoxy to protect the colors.

Iron soft enamel is almost the same looking as copper soft enamel because the production procedures are quite similar, but the unit price is cheaper than both copper and photo etched soft enamel because iron is less expensive. Some customers choose iron soft enamel instead of copper soft enamel.

How to differentiate copper soft enamel and iron soft enamel, here is a simple tip for your reference : ) Use a magnet, if the lapel pins stuck on magnet, it is iron soft enamel; if not, it is copper or brass soft enamel. This is the easiest way to tell the difference.


iron stamped soft enamel 01 iron stamped soft enamel 01
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