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Enamel colors for enamel pins, soft enamel pins, imitation enamel pins

Not only all the lapel pin factory but all lapel pin company, include wholesaler, all use Pantone Colors, Pantone Matching System ( PMS ) for enamel colors.

Enamel colors for Hard enamel:

Hard enamel don't use Pantone Colors, it doesn't have a rich enamel colors as others enamel, such as soft enamel, imitation enamel. The enamel is very tiny powder milled by cloisonne. Hard enamel is the only enamel color can be used for cloisonne pins. Hard enamel is the top class enamel for custom pins.

Enamel colors for Imitation enamel:

The same look as hard enamel, but a more rich colors than hard enamel. It's a good substitute enamel for cloisonne with a cheaper cost. It's the best choice for imitation enamel pins.

Enamel colors for Soft enamel:


This is the most useful enamel for enamel pins. Soft enamel use Pantone Colors system. All the enamel colors can be found in soft enamel. It's the suitable enamel colors for soft enamel pins and all custom lapel pins.

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