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Everything can be printed except Money!

Fastest and cheapest pin, 3-4days for 1000pcs


printed lapel pin

Silk screen lapel pins offer great detail produced in full color. silkscreen offer the most flexibility in pin design and style. Good for artwork requiring precise, simple and high resolution of color e.g. logo. Pantone colors(PMS) color chart applicable. Bronze and stailness steel are the metal pin material for silk screen lapel pins. Epoxy will be used to protect the pin colors.
silk printed pinssilkscreen printed pins
Offset printed pins, an image of your pin design is transferred from a photographic negative onto the surface of the metal pin, bronze or stainless steel. The normal custom lapel pins materials are bronze, stainless steel. Using the offset printed process we are able to print pictures, images, and camera ready artwork using a 4-color process CMYK. The regular process is to place rsin epoxy on the surface to protect the printed colors. Offset printed lapel pins is the fastest for RUSH baseball trading pins. 1000pcs can be done in only 4 days. no rush charge for it.

printed pins printed lapel pins

Advantages for offset printed lapel pins?

Offset printed lapel pins have an exact replication for your lapel pin artwork. Any lapel pin shapes can be custom made as offset printed pins. A clear epoxy dome is applied to protect the pirnted colors.

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