HiLP Huain Lapel Pins

What we have do for your molds, how we stock your molds for future reorder


•  Mold number to be marked at document and the same number will be used at the box in the mold warehouse.


•  Mold number, PO and artwork number will be input in the mold sheet


•  The mold will be put in the box by the mold number after stamping.



•  When there's reorder

•  Check out the mold number in the mold sheet via artwork number or any other information

•  Mark the mold number at the document

•  Find out the mold via mold number, it's very easy

•  Return the mold to the same mold number box after stamping

•  That's the way us manage your molds


•  The mold can be stocked at least two years in our warehouse

•  Molds will be maintained by schedule


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