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Lapel pin process and lapel pin types


The usually lapel pin proces for custom lapel pins in China lapel pin manufacturer are enamel pin, imitation enamel pin or hard enamel, embossed pin, photo etched, printed pins.


Enamel pin: the concave area will be filled with different enamel colors. All the raised metal lines or metal area can be plated, i.e., gold, silver pin

This lapel pin types use metal materials, such as copper, brass, bronze and iron to custom made lapel pina. Iron enamel pin is the cheapest among this metal material

enamel pin embossed pin

Imitation enamel pin, also named as hard enamel, epola, have a flat surface, (in fact, imitation enamel pin surface of the metal line with your fingers to feel there is still a little bit of uplift) Thislapel pin type can be gold-plated, silver-plating and other plating finishes, recessed area between the lines filled with imitation enamel colors.

Imitation enamel is similar to the production of cloisonne pin

embossed pin: the general material are copper, brass and zinc alloy (zinc alloy is the best for die cast, custom coin and military challenge coin), embossed pin is also known as the metal pin.
custom medals custom coin

Screen and offset printed: Printed pin also named photo dome . The surface is protected with clear epoxy resin, it shows a little raised. The material for printed pin is bronze and stainless steel

Screen printed: printed pin with simple, less color

Offset printed : Printed pin with complex graphs more colors, especially a gradual change color

photo domeprinted pinprintred badges


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