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Introduction of coloring hard enamel


Hard enamel lapel pins also called imitation cloisonne or semi-epola. It is a top quality class in lapel pins manufacturing process. This process wides preaduse for meetings and tourist souvenir.

hard enamel Hard enamel lapel pins has the following characteristics:

  1. bright color and the color is beautiful;
  2. color lasting unchanged;
  3. products smooth surface

Hard enamel need more times for making. Because these enamel is used proprietary pigments, and this color paste need to colored only one time one color, one baked dry, then is ok to colored another paste. Didn't colored two different color at one time, and every color need to separately be baked 85-100 degrees and one hour. So the hard enamel price is higher than soft enamel

Hard enamel is just like jelly, operatives must baking heat it before inhal it to syringes, also the products need
to baking hot, then color paste can quickly flowed to areas of the lapel pins. For the enamel color paste will be liquid when the degree is more than 35 So even in Summer, we need to baking hot the products,the heating products is easy to dyed, the color paste to fast flowing.

After concoct hard enamel color paste, need to add hardener, the ratio is: 3:1. If ratio does not correct ,no matter how high baking temperature and how much time, then the color can't be baked dry.
All factories have a Balance in concoct room.

Hard enamel surface is smooth, smooth is base on paint personnel. proficiency, also relation with the board and the roaster.The board must be heat-resistant and multiple used not deformation. The roaster must use level. gauge to test level before use it, and need to adjust it base on the test
results .

Colorring process is most critical of hard enamel, after this process , the quality of the product are stereotyped. We must carefully on each tiny link in order to produce high quality lapel pins


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