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How to producechallenge coins by zinc alloy


Challenge coins that both sides had pattern or letters, it is mainly used a way to honor, encourage, collection or trading. It's usually made of brass material. Now zinc alloy challenge coins number growing up. This was mainly due to the quality of zinc alloy material is light,and it have cheap price than brass.This is a new material more popular instead of brass.Other cheap material have many, but zinc alloy is the best choice, for it's easy to polish.


Zinc alloy materials, the zinc is the main element, joining others such as: aluminium, cadmium, brass, magnesium, titanium and other elements of the alloy. This material current market price about ¥30,000 per ton. Bulky challenge coins, or large quantity lapel pins need use zinc alloy materials. Especially the products have many cut, it's need to use zinc alloy. For the brass is higher price than zinc alloy, and large products need large machine to press it.

When making zinc alloy challenge coins , first to make mold. then make the material temperature up to 400 degrees, then the material completely liquefied, make the liquid material in the mould, material by air pressure of the machine in the mold, after release, remove the product.The base of the zinc alloy challenge coins is ok.
This is primary stages of zinc alloy challenge coin produced .


Due to zinc alloy challenge coins is die-casting zinc alloy, therefore it has a seam, the seam is generally polished in lapel pins manufactory. Then the product can be beautiful. But the irregularity place cannot be polished, subsequent production of zinc alloy challenge coin is the same as brass challenge coins. There's only one difference when bake soft enamel challenge coin of zinc alloy, it cannot be baked at high temperature. After one sides of the coin colorred ok, to baking it, the brass challenge coins baking temperature is 150 degrees baked for 30 minutes, but zinc alloy material only baked 110 degrees, time can be 2-3 hours. This is because zinc alloy is low melting point , baked high temperature, it easy deformation , influence product appearance.


And now many lapel pins manufactory want to use sheet metal of zinc alloy. For the sheet metal can be used same as brass except baking temperature.Sheet metal zinc alloy needn't to die cast challenge coins, it pressed challenge coins same as brass. There are following thickness of the sheet metal of zinc alloy:3.2mm,3.0mm,3.5mm, there are major thickness of challenge coins.


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