HiLP Huain Lapel Pins

PVC Pouch and PVC envelop bag for coins

  1. Every coin is packed with PVC pouch or PVC envelop bag. They'are all FREE
  2. PVC pouch keep your coins in a good condition during shipping
  3. Most of time our customers like to use PVC envelop for 1.5", 1.75" and 2" coins and 2" up we recommand to use the PVC pouch. We also have bigger bag for bigger items, i.e., 3.5" coin
  4. You can also insert a business card for your coin, it'll help you to get many more business
  5. Other factories used to charge you for the PVC pouch or envelop, But they're FREE here
  6. Bobble bag is also a very good partner for PVC pouch
  7. Velet box and Velet bag are very good choice for some special requires. But they're both need extra charge. Sometimes Velet box is even more expensive than your coin




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