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All patriotic lapel pins can be design and custom made by lapel pin manufacturer. A patriotic pin showing our support to our country. Everyone have more patriotic, how to express our patriotism? A little patriotic lapel pin has been given such a screed significance, our factory will be very happy for you to custom made all kinds of patriotic lapel pins.


Patriotic american flag lapel pins
In USA, most Americans like to wear a patriotic pin, such as, american flag lapel pin, state lapel pins, Obama's pins to show their support for the United States.
In China we wear the red heart lapel pin to express our support to our country. Custom lapel pins is also very popular to show our love to our country in China.
American start pins american flag lapel pins
Patriotic ribbon pins
American ribbon pins, yellow ribbon pins
Design by the USA national flag, can be made in photo etched or enamel pins.

The usual metal is brass and a gold finish partriotic ribbon lapel pins

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