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gold lapel pin, silver lapel pin

Gold lapel pin: Different gold plate finish for lapel pin. They are all welcomed by our clients.

Normal gold finish: 18K gold, antique gold, matte gold.

Special gold plating: 24K gold, double gold finish

Gold lapel pin has a good look and high quality, the best choice for award pins for your employee recognition.

gold lapel pin custom gold lapel pin

Silver lapel pin: It's a regular way to define a nickel plate finish as "Silver".

Nickel has a more steady specialty than silver. Nickel also has the same good look as silver. silver lapel pins will be not shining after long years.

So we recommend nickel as "silver" finish lapel pin

Silver, nickel antique silver, matte silver, matte silver.
silver lapel pin 

As one professional lapel pins company , we know how to find the correct lapel pin process for your personalized custom lapel pins, not only gold or silver.

We can help you to setup custom lapel pins which are the most suitable to you.

Maybe it wasn't the cheapest pins but it will be the best one for you.



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