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The process of epoxy coating


Resin also known as epoxy, is coating on the surface of lapel pins. It's transparent, smooth, shiny and bright. Just like soft glass, The effect is a protection for the lapel pins and beautiful.


Epoxy coatting of the lapel pins surface has the following several points:

Epoxy is normally provided by mixed cured of 2 kinds of gel, or commonly known as A gel, B gel. these 2 kinds of it are liquid,and mixed in proportion 3:1, then must to mixing 3-5 minutes, until the 2 gel completely mixed.
No good mixed epoxy coatted on surface of lapel pins, and drying it, then epoxy color will be unevenness, seriously affecting product quality.


Epoxy generally bake 80-90 degree, about 1 hour. only after a certain temperature and time,epoxy will be harden and resilient. Epoxy coatted products must be taken down from the fixture when it does not too hot,and too cooled. Because epoxy is soft when it too hot, too cooled it be harden.
The workerman also have to be careful not to make face from too much force, so that the surface will not hurt.


Epoxy must to baked such a long time , then epoxy coatting fixture must be high temperature resistance, and the fixture level is really good. Then epoxy will be smooth, surface not uneven, workman no easily scald.
In the last time we used glass board as fixture, because the level of it is the best. And transmit heat slowly, which is able to ensure the quality of products, and workman not easy to scald. But this fixture is generally used when lapel pins factory early stage. As the quantity of lapel pins increased, we also produce a better
fixture, It is use aluminum and heat-resistant composite formed a new fixture, this tool Can be used for a long time and not deformed, and easy to clean. But this is not the best, and fastest of the fixture. As workman familiar in this process , the fastest and good fixture is the cardboard . But no matter which fixture, preheating is most essential,


We use gas torch preheating in last time, today we make products directly into the oven preheating. Because cooling products coatting epoxy, when it dry,there will have small air bubble in epoxy, seriously affecting the quality of the products.


Normal lapel pins is the most easy to epoxy coatting. Double-sided coins to coatting epoxy are very difficule to make. Two-sided epoxy coatting must be first good side and dry, then epoxy coatting the other side. When coatting other side , epoxy must not too much. For it will flow to the back of the products. The most difficult to epoxy coatting is the coins with many cut.To make this coins,you must make lines to loop epoxy at design time. Then epoxy does not flow to the back.


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