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Enamel pins mean lapel pin with enamel colors

All enamel lapel pins have colorful enamels, so it also named colors pins.

Hard enamel

To use cloisonne as the traditional handcraft, hard enamel pins also named cloisonne pins. The best quality and most expensive among lapel pin types. Hard enamel lapel pins have a limited enamel colors than soft enamel or imitation enamel colors. To custom hard enamel pins need more longer production time than regular custom pins . But hard enamel pin is also the longest life lapel pins, it can be preserved 100+ years without fading. Copper is the only material for custom hard enamel pin.

Soft enamel

Brass, copper, bronze, iron and zinc alloy all the materials can be used to custom soft enamel pins. The soft enamel color is filled in the recessed area by hand, surface metal is a slight raised. Soft enamel pins is one of the most popular lapel pin in our factory . The soft enamel is stamped with soft enamel lapel pins and photo etched. A clear epoxy dome can be place on the surface to protect the color and make the lapel pins very smooth.

Imitation enamel

Like soft enamel, imitation enamel pins use PMS colors, also named epola, synthetic enamel, semi-cloisonne. It's very rich colors system than hard enamel. Imitation enamel pins have the similar look as hard enamel but a cheaper price. So imitation enamel is good replace for hard enamel lapel pins. In many cases imitation enamel pin will need to printed letters or graphics on the surface. We make the silk screen on the imitation enamel pins. Silk screen make many letter can be done which can't be filled in enamel colors for small letter size.

Our manufacturer is one professional lapel pin manufacturer we have over ten years experience in custom enamel pins.

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